that’s right.. I came 8 friggin times…

Eli MIA… is found!

Well Hello World,

I’m back… I think. Had a momentary mia moment. Hoping to start over March 1st. I always find the first of the month is the best time to re enter society. I figure one of these times I will end up not leaving in the first place. 

I am currently uploading the Valentine’s video I promised 15 days ago. I’ll post the link on my tumblr account as soon as it finishes. So at least that is something to look forward to.

So how has my month gone… Well as most of you know on the 14th my father had routine surgery on his gall bladder. It ended up being a lot more complicated than they had expected and spent 6 days in the hospital instead of the one we had thought. That ended up being pretty hard on my family. I had to pick up the slack. Ya… I really hate taking the garbage out… especially when it is snowing.

Other than that I have been doing not too bad. I have missed everyone on mfc. I am not too sure why I love mfc so much and yet it is always my last priority? I mean its not that hard to cum a few times, is it? LOL

Well, like I said I am re entering society tomorrow so be sure to look for me online. I have been a lot more horny lately and hoping to cum a few times to an audience tomorrow ;)

Well that is all for now. I love and miss everything.  

My tease video for my lovely twitter followers

New sexy videos

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I have had a pretty good week. Done a lot of work on my mfc profile and finished editing a few videos. I think my profile looks a lot better. (go here —->

All videos are now listed on my profile with prices. If anyone wants to purchase videos while I am offline, I will be checking my mfc mail quite a bit and can send you the links whenever. There are 2 new ones which in my opinion are pretty hot. In the newest one I am wearing pigtails, lots of fucking myself with my blue toy, use first a small toy in my ass and then work my way up to using a big thick one. Is it odd I got turned on watching myself?? lol… because I did. While I was editing, had to take a break and play with myself. 

Hopefully a few of those of you that purchase the vids, will give me some feedback. Id love to hear some ideas on what sort of vids others would like to see. 

I’m going to try to hop on mfc tomorrow night. I will be finishing up the last countdown we had going. Pretty sure there is about 500 tokens left in the countdown. If anyone wants to tip while I am offline, I will put that towards the countdown and we can get the show started early. 

Well thats it for now my loves. Have a great evening, always have you guys on my mind. 

Thought I would add a few of the oldies but goodies… not too old but I am sure most have seen these ones ;) I’m such a naughty girl.

Thought I would share what I did in the shower not too long ago…